Records Analyst position

Records Analyst position available.Missouri Secretary of State.  For more information see link ...

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St. Louis County Govt. Opportunity.

St. Louis County Govt.


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Our Chapter's Mission:

  • Advance records and information managementas a discipline and profession;

  • Organize and promote programs of research, education, training and networking in the profession of records and information management

  • Support the enhancement of professionalism of the member of the Chapter

  • Promote cooperative endeavors with related professional groups

Celebrating 50 years of service to the St. Louis area ARMA members since 1966

Message from the President

Welcome to our brand new home on the Internet!

In 2017 our Chapter celebrated its 51st anniversary.  2016 was a very successful year, beginning to end.  Our 2017 Spring Conference was our best Conference in recent times, and we presented quality educational programs through the year.

We have wrapped up the 2016 – 2017 Fiscal Year with yet more quality monthly programs, we are in the process of planning yet another successful year.  The Board is currently meeting and planning our monthly programs and looking for ideas from all our members input for our educational meetings. 

While the Board of Directors for the Chapter works hard in front of and behind the scenes to provide both our Chapter Membership and Friends of ARMA alike with quality educational opportunities, we still need the most important asset of the Chapter, you, to get more involved.  If ever you have an idea for a program, would like to present yourself, serve on a committee, or if you would like to get more involved, please reach out to myself, or any Board Member, and we would love to hear from you.

Lastly, please feel free to explore our new website.  Please be patient as we roll out new features that the site provides such as blogs, newsletters, growing content on our social media accounts, smoother online program registrations, payments, and so much more!

"Grand Business Plans Are All Very Well, But Nothing Beats Dipping Your Toe In The Water"

Again, welcome home to!

Thank you,

RIta Grant
President, St. Louis Chapter of ARMA, Int’l.